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 Sonic Unleashed

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PostSubject: Sonic Unleashed   Sat Aug 08, 2009 5:51 pm

past review

Yap, im going to finally make a review, and this review is Soinc unleashed for wii. My bro rented the game and I started to play it. Now im up to the end of the game and desided to reivew. With some of the reviews I seen, it looks like a LOVE or HATE game and Im a little to the love it. Thou did not play the xbox 360 soinc and I'm shore that game is kind of difent so if some has the 360 soinc unleashed then try review. As i always say, I'm a bad speller so there will or maby erros. Now to start the review.
sonic unleashed trailer

Ture's out Eggman is at it again and soinc has to stop him. In the begining intro soinc attacks eggman's base bad *** stile and using the chaso "emalse". In the intro soinc defeats Eggman and Eggman gives up, but Eggman did a snecky trick and trap soinc. Soinc was getting shock with the chaso "emalse". Eggman fire's a laser to the earth putting the earth in to parts. Soinc ture to the werhog and fell back to earth. On the way to earth, he meets up with a uuuum fraiy animal named Chip which soinc nicknamed. Now soinc is in another "adunture" to put the earth back to getter. This is when story get's kind of boraing form here. Sega did a great jop with the intro but rest of story gets dull form here. I forgot to say, Eggman wants to make Eggman Land but whats butting the earth in to parts going to help! I didn't bother to read to tex of the story but ill till you why I didn't latter thou review. Last to say about story is the werwofe, uuu i mean werhog with "strehy" arns.........

day mission
night mission

The most importen part in any video game. The thing aout the new soinc games come to good graipcs" and poor game but soinc unleashed plays kind of great. There are 2 tipys of missions, the day missions who you play soinc and the night missions who you play werhog. As I hered about other reviews, the day missions is really great and the night missions are bad or some reviewers say night missions is not that bad. I say the day missions are not that great and the night misssions are not that bad. First with the day missions, Soinc is on his feet running like he is apost to. It also nice soinc is running in 3D to 2D and works.Thou, the only thing is the day missions are short and the controls are kind of slippery but the day missions are still as fun. The Night missions is the new thing to the game. This is where review say, it get bad, well I say it not that bad, it kind of fun but gets old. This is the hold level, Run though a open feild then fight! then go though a little platform, then a open feild and Fight! and this repeats for the 20 to 25 mins of the levels. The enamys of the night level do get old as well but the fighting more like beat em up plays kind of fun but as I said, get boraing after awail. The platform is kind of fun too. The wii controls work fine on the werhog(a little slippery). Thou how kind of fun the werhog missions are, it kind of bad idea to be but in it. When I say the IGN review, the review said, it like making a new mario game but mario turn's to a beast and can't jump at all. This is like soinc but can't run fast so it makes the game change to a running fast game to a beat em up.?. Now the last thing is... I say the worse for last, the hub world which I hered. It not so bad in the wii soinc but it worser in the 360 soinc. In the world, you need to speak to people before going to the next level also the hub world is part of the story but I didn't bother to read what the people are saying becasue of 2 things, the people have nothing really go to say besides for the main charters and I don't care what they say, I just want to play the game! Well as I said, the day missions are not that GREAT as the night missions are not that BAD and the hub world is just plan stupit.


The game kind looks great. The Day missions are just fined and look great and the night missions need a little more detail. The design of the levels are great both night and day but in the night levels, when breacking rocks or ice, wish for more detail. and looking close at the werhog, he looks like he as magits or something moving on his skin 0_o. I forgot, the cut seens look amsingly great.

-spoller- sonic unleash opening

As you should already know, the voice acters are baaaad and play just as baaad in the cut screens but I don't mine soinc in the intro or the day and night missions, he played ok as voicing. The other sound such as jumping to getting rings are find and i guess classic. I forgot about the music. The day missions is fined but the night missions get's of this jazz muisc battle.


Lasting Play
Well I love the day missions but there too short and the night missions are too long. Sometime when I just can't wait to get to day missions but when I get the day missions, the missions get done too quik and I'm already back in the night missions >_< F#@$! Thou, it could be still fun to play the day again. Thou, I can't say much sins im have not beaten the game yat, but this a game to have fun over again only on the day missions.


*Day missions are great as ever
*Werhog is not that bad
*soinc is half back

*too much werhog
*The day missions are short as the werhog is too long
*voice acters are baad besides soinc!?!?
*hub world is boraing

It a really fun game when getting pass the bad parts(mostly hub world). SoincFan may injoy this game. It $50 for game but I say it a rented and if you like it then get it mostly your going to beat it and return it.

Final score 7/10
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Sonic Unleashed
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