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 Downloading the homebrew browser to use actoolkit

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PostSubject: Downloading the homebrew browser to use actoolkit   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:50 pm

Before taking forever trying to install apps and risk doing it all wrong, try downloading the homebrew browser.

Homebrew Browser
Place this on your SD card in the Apps folder/directory(you'll need the homebrew channel)

Mapediting time

  • Download The savegame extractor and installer using the homebrew channel.
  • Put your cityfolk disk in and click on the extractor in the homebrew channel (press reset on the wii while in it)
  • Download AC toolkit Here
  • Put your sd card in your computer and open the RVFOREST.DAT file in your wii saves folder on your sd.
  • Make whatever changes you feel like and put your sd back into your wii
  • Run the savegame installer( press reset on the wii while in it)
  • Enjoy your town.

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Downloading the homebrew browser to use actoolkit
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