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 Nintendo and Capcom are working to increase their relationship?

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PostSubject: Nintendo and Capcom are working to increase their relationship?   Thu Aug 13, 2009 12:17 pm

Resident Evil,Resident Evil 4,Zack and Wiki,and Monster Hunter 3.All of these great Wii titles were released by Capcom,and Capcom isnt stopping there for Wii games.The game devil kings has been confirmedto be on wii for sure,but an article on Nihon Shibum today showed that Nintendo and Capcom are going to begin working close together than every to bring alot more fantastic games releases.Starting with game demos,and much much more.Their is no word that Nintendo is going to be helping out with all of this, but you can be positive that their will to make fantastic game launbches and promotions for their own games,whatever they have cooking in the has to be something big.

by:James a.k.a. loopyspyder
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Nintendo and Capcom are working to increase their relationship?
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