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 [360] Call of Duty: World at War

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PostSubject: [360] Call of Duty: World at War   Sat May 01, 2010 1:36 am

Call of Duty has had many series, which is the reason of there being the 5th that is named World at War. In this game there is non-stop action packed gameplay. You can play by yourself on Campain shooting the other team and kill your way to victory. You can also play online in Co-op Campain or other challenges online like Team Deathmatch and Boot Camp. If you beat the whole game on Single Player Campain you unlock another fun pack level called Nazi Zombies, this may be played with no more or less than one or two players. You are in a room and you have 6 burriers you have that the zombies tear down and they can get in and try to attack you so you have to be careful, and the Nazi Zombies level can not be beat, there have been people who have been to level 500, there is no end to the level it is literally impossible to win.

The graphics on this game are amazing, you can see the dirt and sweat on the players hands while he grips the gun as if holding it knowing it'll be the last thing he ever holds. The multiplayer people are a little blurry but if you look closely enough they were carefully thought through. The areas in which you play in are very realistic, there are steps, wooden places for you to snipe from, but the thing is you can't get on buildings or anything like that, so there are limitations as to what you can do and where you can go, you may not shoot your own team mate. You can definitely tell what everything is by taking a first glance at it, so it is definitely some good graphics done on Microsofts part. I think that overall i give the graphics an

This is The Nazi Zombie level

The sounds are just like every game, you hear the gun fire, and you hear the screams of the people getting shot. In this I guess you could say it's a little more specific, you can hear the people running if you REALLY listen. In the Nazi Zombies part you hear the Zombies moaning and they moan louder once you start firing at them. Playing against other people you can actually hear them go "AHH!" when you kill them, but it's not a yell, more of a "I just got shot and I'm dying" kind of "AHH!." Other than that you can't hear anything but music sometimes and when the commander is yelling to "Move out!" or yelling "It's a trap!"

So overall this game is pretty good, especially the Nazi Zombies part on xbox live, it gets pretty competitive. Actually, my friend would always get mad because one of his teammates would "steal his kill." The other person would walk up next to him and shoot the zombie a few times with the Colt, it's not like he got the kill or anything, but they only shoot the zombie out of greed for points, which reminds me, you have to earn points which gives you money to buy guns, there are two you can buy off the wall in the main room. The Carbine and the Kar98. If you use 1,000 of your points to open the door in the room you can then use 950 to buy a weapon that is most likely worth more and is better from the Mystery Box, you never know if you'll get a springfield or a raygun, so try it out!

Also, if you ask me, this game is very easy to beat, it really doesn't take long.
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PostSubject: Re: [360] Call of Duty: World at War   Sun May 02, 2010 9:34 pm

Call of Duty doesn't have many series, it's a single series with many games, Campaign and barriers are spelt wrong. You didn't say anything about the regular multiplayer (even though you have it in the third image), Nazi Zombies isn't unlocked, it's available from the start. Also, what difficulty did you play it on? If you played it on Veteran, I SERIOUSLY doubt you would be calling it easy.

Yeah, the game can be fun sometimes (especially the zombies), but the online is REALLY laggy. It's better than MW2 at least.
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[360] Call of Duty: World at War
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