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 Award Showcase

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PostSubject: Award Showcase   Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:39 pm

Please only use these awards if you have earned them. You can nominate someone for an award for it to be considered.

The toad award.
For members that get a lot of other members to join the site.
Members who have recieved this award: 42, Lopunny1991, Ghost

The Hot poster award.
For members who make thoughtful posts, not just spam.
Members who have recieved this award:Bulldog, 42, Ghost, Aqua

The active user award.
For members that are active on the site, post in forums and show up in chat a lot.
Members who have recieved this award:Ghost,42, Bulldog, Aquagirl,Lopunny1991

The top contributer award.
For non staff that help out with the site as though they are staff.
Members who have recieved this award:Ghost

For people who know a lot about technology
members who have recieved this award:42, Bulldog

For the select few that watched over the site while me and Aqua were gone
members who have received this award:42, Ghost, Lopunny1991

For members that play hard, take victories well, and accept their losses well.
No members have received this award.

For members who have created a thread with over 2,000 views.
No members have received this award.

The Chat Box Award, for members that seem to always be logged into the chatbox.
members who have received this award:Dark_Yoshi, Ghost

For members who not only stay out of fights, but get involved and try to end them or report them.
No members have received this award.


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Award Showcase
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