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Use of all Game-Portal is subject to these key forum rules. The rules may be updated or amended at any time.

1) Be respectful to other members. No offensive language, flaming or bashing other users. Problems that can't be solved should be turned over to a moderator.

1a) Absolutely no remarks towards other users about their race, gender, origin, handicap, age, sexual orientation, personal politics or religion.

2) If you have a problem with another member contact a moderator or administrator in a private form.

3) Please keep all REAL conversations in English. Other languages are exceptional only for play when all members of the conversation are able to communicate.

4) Do not post spam. has more flexibility on spam than most sites. On this site any post or threads that have no general topic or meaning are considered spam and WILL be shut down.

4a) Continuous flaming is taken offensively and will be handled as needed. All members (including staff) are to be treated equally.

5) A staff members word is final, our staff take their positions seriously and they're positions are very valued. If you feel that a staff member has unfairly punished you in any way relating to the site, please PM a moderator or admin.

6) If you receive an infraction and you feel you did not deserve it, you must privately contact the member of the staff that gave it to you. The staff here at G-P are all experienced and will be willing to listen to you. If you're claim is found true the problem will be solved.

6a) Do not argue with the staff members, but if you feel there is a problem that is being ignored please contact an admin. Do not give up if you truly feel there is a problem, and eventually it will be looked into and solved.

6b) False claims are not taken lightly, and will result in serious punishment.

7) Creation of duplicate accounts will result in the duplicate account being banned. If it continues, then all accounts will be banned or IP banned. Each member is aloud only two accounts, no more.

7a) Never share your Log In information with ANY one. The only person you may share your log in information with is an admin when you've forgotten your pass word or user name. Other than that, no body needs this information, no member of staff will ever ask for your log in information.

Cool We do not wish to see any posted content relating to extremism, obscenity, racism, sexism, hate speech or other in-appropriate content any where on this site. This is taken seriously and will be removed at once. Continuous offenses will result in ban.

8a) We do not host illegal material such as ROMs or other forms of Warez, but if it is uploaded elsewhere (RapidShare) you can link to it.

9) Enjoy the community and contribute.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning. Continued offenses will result in infractions. When you reach a maximum of 10 points via infractions you will be automatically banned. You may be banned without any warnings or infractions depending on the severity of your conduct. Staff members do not need to supply any warning at any time to ban or suspend a users account. Know that staff members that un-fairly accuse or ban a member will have to answer to members of a higher rank.