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 Astro boy omega factor

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PostSubject: Astro boy omega factor   Astro boy omega factor I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 6:02 pm

Past review

My next reivew is one of my favite gba games I played. Astro boy omega factor. If you don't, what I hered is that astro boy was one of the first animes ever which was in black & white. Before I satar, Im not a good speller so there will be erros.

Astro boy omega factor Astro-boy-omega-factor.439965

It start when a young boy was killed in accident and the father wanted to re-created him as a robot. There created Astro boy was made a system called omega factor will make Astro remeber the charater he meats and make him stronge. Astro jop is to make world a piece full plase humans and robots. A spoiler but after beating the game, you started the game over as rebirth having the same story still continue. Seeing the story at first, I really didn't care but but shortly later I start to like it to thinking it is epic. I really injoyed the story and in later in the game, U need to pay-tenion to the story to get ferther in the game even thou this game is a beat em up.


The gameplay is damn great. The game is a beat em up/side shoter which the levels are great and fun and that mostly I saw the side shoting levels. As a beat em up, you need to get from the start of the level to the end. Some levels may need to talk to peaple or beat small boss's. Other levels also have some platform. Astro as diffent attack which are upgread-able like his Lazers to his jet pack and his most awesome attack, Firering bullets out his butt xD, that right, this robot can poop bullets. The boss's are kick @$$ and challaging. One awesome boss was that you had to face a fake robot sun and every time you shot is, it get bigger and bigger intill it fills the scream. The big thing I love about the game is the Omega factor which makes Astro strone. Now this is kind of part of the story but the more ppl you found and talk to, the more ungreads you can put on Astro. The Omega Factor is also Astor feeling such as Justets to Evil and the charater who will be bewteen it. The Only thing I disslike about the gameplay is that emanys you fase get larger and shorter. They do fill the scream alot but when you see a large emany and they try shorting u, they will short ovbove you. Besides that, the game is great.

stage 1-beat em up
stage 2- side shoter

The intro and the scream of the charaters talking may look ugly, the game stages and charaters look great. The backbrounds to Astor animions look amazing. The stages are detail with good animion but the only I didn't like is the larger and smaller animions on the emany.


Music and Sound
The music and sound and amazly great. At the start of the first level had really great music. The Boss music kind of sound like any simple boss music and it the same in each boss battle. The sounds are even great too. Astro boy may sound like bomberman but I see his voice fitting

Music and sound-10/10

Lasting play
The game is played on easy which is simple for younger ppl, Namnal which is challaging as the game back then on the acared, and hard which I haven tryed yat but I bet it VERY VERY HARD. After beating the game once with a endding you wont like, u will want to replay the game again not only to continue the story but the stages and gameplay are still so fun and playing the game again in the same mode(easy, namnel, hard) will get even harder and challaging. Started the game is the first charater called Birth and the 2nd which is after you beat the game once is called Rebirth where time resets and Astro already knows what happen the first play thouth. In reBirth, you have select stage to replay the levels to get ferther in the story and get more upgreats to the Omega factor. The game is lot of fun and has a lot of replay valume.

Lasting play-10/10

great story line
Challegaing and fun
story replayed the 2nd time(birth rebirth)

larger and smaller emeny are not cool

The game is fun callaging but on the go. Even hard to belive an anime that becomes a game is as great as zelda, most anime games usly suck but this is will worth getting. I don't think you could get this in the store now but you could get it rom for gba. If you could get it, if will proble be 10$ or less. Overall it a great game and I really want to give this game a huge 10 but do to one Con it would of been the best game I ever played on gba.

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PostSubject: Re: Astro boy omega factor   Astro boy omega factor I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 6:24 pm

i cant wait to see movie!
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PostSubject: Re: Astro boy omega factor   Astro boy omega factor I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 9:22 am

Your reviews are great.
Keep it up!
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PostSubject: Re: Astro boy omega factor   Astro boy omega factor I_icon_minitime

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Astro boy omega factor
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