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 Final Fantasy V review

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy V review   Final Fantasy V review I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 18, 2009 12:28 am

My next review, Final fantasy 5! FF5 is my all time fravite Final fantasy game I played out of the 7 FF games. Yap, you heared me, I like way better then final fantasy 7. Thou, im reviewing the GBA FF5 sines FF5 never came to US. Before I start review, I not a good speller so there will be errors.

Final Fantasy V review Final-fantasy-v-snes-cover-front-jp

The story starts with the 4 brave heros, Bartz a young traveler and his pal Chocobo named Boko, Lenna a young princess of Tycoon kingdom, Galuf the old gesser who has amnesia, and Faris a young pirate guy... I mean girl. They all mean wondering whats happening to the world. The ocean is acting crazy and the group wanted to cheak the water crystal. Shortly the crystal breacks after make it to the crystal. Now the water and waves stop and now the ocean is just a plain. The shrads of the crystal gave jobs to the group such as warrior, thief, black mage and more. There are 4 crystals in the world and one is already desoryed and it up to the group to stop the 3 remaining crystals, Earth, Wind, and Fire from getting desroyed. The story charater get better though out the game but I feel the game starts a little lazzy. The charaters are great and funny ost of the time, thou I hate Bartz which in my opinion the worst FF charater ever. When someone comes up with an joke or something funnys comes, Bartz has to be there to ruin it. As much as I don't like Bartz, he not all that bad, at lest he comes up with something good to say like once in alwail. Galuf who is the oldest charater I have to say is y favite, at lest he comes up with good jokes. The main villain Exdeath wants to fill the world with darkness and conker it. The story isn't as great as Final fantasy 4 but it good anuff. There is a huge twist in the middle of the game but im not going to spoil it.... have to say it better then Aeris death.


[url=""]YouTube - Final Fantasy V Advance Intro[/url]

[url=""]YouTube - Final Fantasy V GBA Intro[/url]
intro 2

[url=""]YouTube - PlayStation - Final Fantasy V (Intro)[/url]
PSX CG intro

This is what makes Final fantasy 5 the best out them all. The game is a Active time battle RPG so you have to attack or else the enemys will attack you. The main RPG here is that you have 4 people in your party who uses the Job system and this works way better then Final fantasy 3. As I said in the story, the cystals give you the power of these jobs and you are able to switch from duffent classes like Warrior, Black mage, Summoner, time mage, Dragoon, and many others. There are like 26 Jobs to choose from. The biggers and newest freacher is that you are abled to mix jobs! Ex, you can be a warrioe and cast Black maigc! or you can be a White mage and hold a shild and a sword. M astering diffent classes and mixing them is greta idea to use from, this also makes boss fight easyer too. Thou, even if your mix jobs, u still have challaging boss. Sometimes, facing bosses with the jobs u have can be a easy lost or a easy win depening on what jobs you have. Some bosses(gilgamesh) even change there weekness making it even harder to beat them. The world map is big which is bigger then Final fantasy 4 and has to 2 worlds to go between, making the world map 2 times bigger then final fantasy 4 and final fanasty 1&2 world maps. As the story feels a little weak, the gameplay is heck of a lot of fun.


[url=""]YouTube - Final Fantasy V: The Clash on the Big Bridge![/url]
The clash on the big bridge, boss battle gilgamesh

[url=""]YouTube - Final Fantasy V Boss: Soul Cannon[/url]
Boss battle: Soul Cannon

As the story may feel weak. The Graphics sure do feel weaker. It better then Final fantasy 4 but not that much impoved. The animaion of the charaters look great thou. The gba which makes it better then the snes has little impoved graphics. The Enemys and bosses look very detailed and the background looks great as will. Castong maigc never looked awesomesn *o*. Some of the cut seens look desent.


Music and sound
In my opinion, I like Final fantasy 4 music better but the FF5 still sounds great and fits so well. From the world map to the boss battles sound great. Gilgamesh has a great boss music(My 2nd favite FF boss music). Great music but sometimes you may here the same music a lot. The sounds are great too. Not much sound in the game but there good anuff. The sounds of casting maigc are cool thou.

Music and sound-8/10

[url=""]YouTube - Battle with Gilgamesh - Final Fantasy V[/url]
Gilgamesh theme on piano

The job system works so will. The world map is 2 times bigger then Final fantasy 4 and 1&2. The bosses are challaging and fun. The story is great. What more could I say. At lest 2 or 3 weeks playing this game to beat it. It took me 4 mouths.


*Job system which you can mix
*Bosses are challaging and fun
*world map is 2 times bigger then the last 4 final fantasy games

*Story a little weak at start
*Graphics seem a little weaker compair to FF4

This is a great RPG focest on more of gameplay then story. It fun, challaging, and bigger. Too bad it not on snes. You can get this game at the store at about, I think $15.00 and it is worth it. Sadly, im giving this game a 8 do to the story, graphics, and music but don't let that stop you. Go out and buy your self Final fantasy V on the go for the gba.

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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy V review   Final Fantasy V review I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 19, 2009 4:54 pm

I like it!
Add some pictures, take out the youtube links, and you could try applying for a writer position here.
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy V review   Final Fantasy V review I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2009 1:58 am

Wow amazing work, I never really liked final fantasy though, but this is awesome, you did a great job it could still use some pictures though -.^
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy V review   Final Fantasy V review I_icon_minitime

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Final Fantasy V review
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