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 Dry bones signature tutorial

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PostSubject: Dry bones signature tutorial   Dry bones signature tutorial I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 10, 2009 1:30 pm

Dry bones signature tutorial Drybones

This tutorial is for more advanced users that don't need much explanation on how to make a sig.
We will be hopefully making the above sig

First put your render on a new layer on a 300x100 px document
Make a white to black radial gradient on the layer below it
Dry bones signature tutorial X2no8z

Take a default brush of your choice and go into the brush settings, click scatter, smoothing and shape dynamics, choose something that fits your likings.
Smudge your gradient layer and brush with black and white with the same settings as your smudge but with your brush. Then you continue to smudge.

I got this
Dry bones signature tutorial Nx8emh

Duplicate your render layer and smudge the bottom one and set it at screen.
Lightly erase the bottom of the main render with a soft brush

I got this:
Dry bones signature tutorial Nx8emh

Make a layer and apply dark blue soft brushing everywhere except for the focal, make a layer with light blue soft brush on the focal, smudge both layers with your previous settings and merge. Set to soft light.

Repeat with red instead of dark blue and yellow instead of light blue. Set this to overlay and lower the opacity. Erase over the render.
Dry bones signature tutorial J991yc

Add in a couple of c4d's at screen

Dry bones signature tutorial 2z3pik2

Now we will add some adjustment layers
Curves>Linear contrast
Gradient map>Purple to orange set at softlight, and 40% opacity
Gradient map>Blue red yellow at softlight/30%opacity

Now on a layer above the rest, take a 200 px white soft brush and brush for lighting

Now a black to white gradient set to luminosity at 25 percent opacity.
Dry bones signature tutorial Sg3n0i
You should have something like this.

Make an overlay layer and brush with black splatter brushes.

New layer>image>apply image>duplicate
Sharpen the bottom image, blur the top and erase over the focal on the top layer.
Lower the opacity of the sharp layer if it's too harsh

Add some text and a border if you want and you're done!!
Dry bones signature tutorial Drybones

Dry bones signature tutorial Bulldogaxel
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Dry bones signature tutorial
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